Waffles on Sunday!

It was a sunny Sunday and dad wanted to make waffles. I tried to get dad out of bed, but he didn’t want to go out of bed.  He said he was going to get out of bed when mom finished the coffee. After a while, mom came with the coffee, and served dad coffee in bed. Then dad started to make waffles. After a few minutes dad finished making the first waffles, and I got the first one!

They were delicious. After me, Christian got a waffle. Christian had butter and honey on his waffle.  After Christian, Anja got her waffle and dad had just one or two waffles himself. Everybody was happy.

Mom had to go to a Seminar in Lübeck. So, she ate a bite and ran out the door. After that, Christian went to play and I read a book. And Anja listened to music while dad drank another cup of coffee.

The End!

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