The weather

The weather is sunny.

The weather is rainy.

The weather is snowy.

The weather is cloudy.

The weather is windy.

The weather is hot.

The weather is cold.

The weather is warm.

The weather is foggy.



Days of the week (Wochentage)

Today is Monday. (Heute ist Montag)

Today is Tuesday. (Heute ist Dienstag)

Today is Wednesday. (Heute ist Mittwoch)

Today is Thursday. (Heute ist Donnerstag)

Today is Friday. (Heute ist Freitag)

Today is Saturday. (Heute ist Samstag)

Today is Sunday. (Heute ist Sonntag)

Carcassonne in English!

This week we started to learn how to play Carcassonne in English. Most of the kids knew the game in German, so we only had to learn a few basic English phrases to get started. 

These are some of the phrases we learned along with some pronunciation help from me. 🙂

Whose turn is it?  (Wer ist an der Reihe?)

It is my turn. (Ich bin an der Reihe)

It is her turn. (Sie ist an der Reihe)

It is his turn. (Er ist an der Reihe)

It’s Maylin’s turn. (Maylin ist an der Reihe)

It’s Ben’s turn. (Ben ist an der Reihe)

Draw a piece. (Ziehe eine Karte (“ein Teil”))

It is a field. (Es ist ein Feld)

It is a street. (Es ist eine Strasse)

It is a city. (Es ist eine Stadt)

I am going to put my piece on the field.
(Ich werde meine Spielfigur auf das Feld stellen)

I am going to put my piece in the city. 
(Ich werde meine Spielfigur in die Stadt stellen)

I am going to put my piece on the street.
(Ich werde meine Spielfigur auf die Strasse fertig stellen)

I want to close the city. (Ich will die Stadt fertig bauen)

How many points do I get? (Wie viele Punkte bekomme ich?)





This week was a relaxing week. We played hangman, practiced the alphabet, and learned the names of some zoo animals. Here is a link to the YouTube video Dad used to help us learn the English alphabet. Sorry for the advertisement. 

Have fun with the abc song.

Waffles on Sunday!

It was a sunny Sunday and dad wanted to make waffles. I tried to get dad out of bed, but he didn’t want to go out of bed.  He said he was going to get out of bed when mom finished the coffee. After a while, mom came with the coffee, and served dad coffee in bed. Then dad started to make waffles. After a few minutes dad finished making the first waffles, and I got the first one!

They were delicious. After me, Christian got a waffle. Christian had butter and honey on his waffle.  After Christian, Anja got her waffle and dad had just one or two waffles himself. Everybody was happy.

Mom had to go to a Seminar in Lübeck. So, she ate a bite and ran out the door. After that, Christian went to play and I read a book. And Anja listened to music while dad drank another cup of coffee.

The End!

A typical day – breakfast

I usually wake up in the morning full of energy. In fact, I am often the first person who wakes up in our apartment. I get up at around 6 a.m. and quietly go out to the kitchen to make my breakfast. I like eating bread and jelly or granola (that’s what my dad calls “Müsli”) for breakfast.

My Mom wakes up about 10 minutes later and comes out to the kitchen, too. She starts grinding coffee so that she is in a better mood. We have a hand-grinder, and Mom grinds and grinds and grinds while the water is boiling. 

My Dad is the smartest one in the family. He stays in bed until he hears Mom stop grinding the coffee. Then he comes out to the kitchen, pours a cup of coffee, and boils water to make his morning bowl of oatmeal.

Finally, my little brother wakes up and complains about being hungry. He is always hungry. Mom says that he is going to eat the whole family some day.

Last, but not least, my sister (I call her Princess Sunshine) stumbles to the kitchen table. Then I have to be careful. On some days she is not in a good mood and she screams at me if I look at her the “wrong way.”


#1 Who is the first person to wake up in Eddie’s family.

#2 When does Eddie usually wake up?

#3 What does Eddie’s Mom do after she wakes up?

#4 What is the first thing Eddie’s father does when he wakes up?

#5 What does Christian complain about when he wakes up?

#6 What does Eddie call his sister?


About me!

My name is Edward James Delsman. I like playing football and learning English with my Dad. I am a trilingual kid. My Dad comes from the United States, and my mother comes from the Czech Republic. We live in Germany.
I did this website for kids that have problems learning English, and I see a lot of kids that have problems learning English. On this Website your kid can learn English. It includes writing, quizzes, stories and my favorite books! I hope your kids start to like ENGLISH! Let’s get started!